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Gymnastics is considered one of the hardest sports at the Olympics. It’s also known for its artistic component and the intense training and dedication that athletes need to be able to perform high difficulty skills with a minimum level of error. 

Boys train 6 events: Floor, Pommel Horse, Rings, Vault, Parallel Bars and High Bar. 

And girls train 4: Vault, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam and Floor.

Gymnastics is a very comprehensive discipline requiring strength, flexibility, agility, endurance, coordination, spatial awareness, and an overall lack of fear. In competition, a gymnast must perform different routines on each event, adhering to a specific set of guidelines known as The Code of Points. It is a progressive sport - one that builds on itself through a smart and consistent program of drills, progressions, sequences, and ultimately routines.


At Sandoval Gymnastics, we guide athletes through a development program meant to build strength, ability, teamwork and discipline. We teach recreational gymnastics as we would a competitive team. Our coaches are extremely well versed in the technicality and safety of the sport. Their backgrounds and experience are what allow us to build proper skills and technique within each child that comes through our doors.

Our coaching philosophy:

1. To progress skills and development safely

2. To instill confidence and encouragement within each athlete

3. To build strong fundamentals, regardless of athlete's path (i.e. recreational, competitive)

4. To build strong fundamentals, regardless of level or ability through fun drills, progressions, and challenges

We want kids to have fun and dream big.

Sandoval Gymnastics was founded to encourage boys and girls to participate in the sport of gymnastics through building strength, confidence, and skills for life. 


Javi Profile Picture.png

Javier Sandoval


Javi's career as an elite gymnast showed him how important it is to have strong fundamentals and more importantly, a coach that believes in you. He began coaching gymnastics when he moved to the States in 2018. He started as a Boys Team Coach, but quickly became a favorite amongst parents and kids from all programs. He has taught both competitive and recreational Boys and Girls, cheerleaders how to tumble, and developed many individualized workout plans for kids and adults conditioning at home. Javi earned his degrees in Physical Education and Sports Training in 2017. He and Kelly have coached together with many athletes, and are ready to bring their expertise to the future athletes of Deer Park.

Kelly Profile Picture.png

Kelly Callens


Kelly learned to tumble at a young age through the City of Deer Park's Tumble Town Program. After earning a mechanical engineering degree at Cornell in 2015, Kelly worked for a few years before realizing she needed to find a way to impact children and help them build their confidence. In 2018, she began coaching tumbling and recreational gymnastics in the evenings. The same year, Javier moved to the States and began coaching the Boys Program at the same gym. Kelly and Javier became an inseparable team and have coached thousands of classes, privates and events over the past 4 and a half years.

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