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2023 Sandoval Gymnastics Policies

Registration Fee

There is no registration fee!


Class Tuition

2023 Fall Semester Class Tuition is a single tuition fee that covers the full semester of classes. It is not a monthly fee. You are welcome to make your full payment or a partial payment at any time from your Parent Portal or stay on our autopay system of 3 payments. You will be charged in 3 different monthly installments via autopay, based off the total tuition for the semester and the schedule posted. Upon registration, you must place a card on file.

All families: Your 1st payment of $120 will be processed upon enrollment. Your final 2 payments will be processed via autopay on March 1 & April 1. Summer Enrollment will open May 6th.


You may choose to pay in full or make additional payments in the Parent Portal. You will be charged on the 1st of each month until full tuition is paid, regardless of whether you make additional payments.​


a. Multi-Class: There is a 10% discount for additional classes your child enrolls in after their 1st class.

b. Multi-Sibling: There is a 10% discount on any additional children enrolled from the same family in Sandoval Gymnastics.

*Only 1 discount applies. You may not stack multi-sibling & multi-class. The maximum discount off of any tuition amount is 10%. The discount always applies to the lowest tuition fee first.

There are no discounts for events or camps, and they are excluded from multi-student and multi-class discounts.


Approval of Payments

Tuition payments must be approved (approved card transaction) on the 1st of each month to stay enrolled.

a. Children will not be admitted to class if your balance for the month is not approved or updated 

before class in the case of a declined payment.

b. A late payment fee of $15 is added to your balance for fees not approved by the 3rd of the month.


Payment Method: Autopay

Payments are accepted via credit/debit card. We require a card to be on file during registration or enrollment. No cash is accepted.

How to Pay

All classes, clinics, open gym, events, and other activities are to be paid through the Parent Portal or by calling/emailing Sandoval Gymnastics to request the fee be posted to your account.


Gymnastics is a sport built on progressions, commitment, and consistency. Once enrolled for a class, you are committed for the entire semester. If you choose to withdraw before the end of the semester, no refunds will be given.



We allow 1 make-up lesson per month. It may be scheduled for any class of the same type as the one missed, where a slot is available (to not exceed the 6:1 ratio). If no slots are available, you forfeit the missed class.



We offer a single-class trial for $40. Please fill out the registration form, put a card on file, and give us a call to schedule the trial. It may be scheduled for any class where a slot is available (to not exceed the 6:1 ratio). If you choose to enroll following the trial, your trial payment will go towards your tuition fee.

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