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There is no scheduled Waitlist or New Family Enrollment for Summer 2024. Any availability will be determined in mid-May and updates sent out via email.

Our Story

In 2000, at the age of 7 years old, Javier Sandoval left his bike on the street of Bucaramanga, Colombia and ran into a coliseum where boys and girls were training to be gymnasts. After watching in awe of their talents, his dad enrolled him in classes where he was soon asked to be a part of the team. After 5 years of training, he made the National Team and moved to the training center in Cúcuta, Colombia. He trained in Cúcuta for the next 13 years where he built his career in the sport, earned 2 degrees, and ultimately learned a lot about life. In 2018, Javier moved to the United States and soon began training with Tom Meadows at Cypress Academy. In June of 2021, he competed at Pan American Championships in Brazil where he took home Gold on high bar and Silver on Pommel Horse and Parallel Bars.

Javier Sandoval - Colombia Nationals 2001 - Pbars
Javier Sandoval - PanAms 2021 - Pbars Silver Medal

Through discipline, talent, and an unparalleled work ethic, Javier built a 21 year career in the sport as a member of the National Team, 6-time South American Medalist, Pan American High Bar Champion and 2-time Silver medalist, World Challenge Cup Silver Medalist, and 6-time World Team Member, with his most recent appearance being at the 2022 World Championships in Liverpool, England.

Javi met his fiancé, Kelly, when he started coaching competitive boys in 2018. Kelly's background in tumbling led her into coaching recreational gymnastics. After meeting Javi, she was soon pulled into his world of Men's Elite Gymnastics, where she developed an even greater passion for the sport. She and Javi began making plans to bring gymnastics to the lives of kids in the southeast Houston area. In July of 2021, they founded Sandoval Gymnastics, so that more kids would have an opportunity to experience the sport that changed Javi's life.

Javier Sandoval - PanAms 2021 - Rings
Javier Sandoval - Cucuta Boys Team - July 2021
Javier Sandoval - PanAms 2021 - Pbars Silver Medal
Javier Sandoval - PanAms 2021 - High Bar Gold Medal
Javier Sandoval - PanAms 2021 - Rings Final
Javier Sandoval - PanAms 2021 - Medals
Kelly and Javier - Colombia Team Trials 2021


Sandoval Gymnastics was founded to encourage boys and girls to participate in the sport of gymnastics through building strength, confidence, and skills for life. 

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